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We are an environmentally conscious renewable energy company that offers the most eco-friendly, cost-efficient and high- energy generating products and solutions on the solar panels market! Our company is an end-to-end, customer oriented alternative energy company that is centered on the marketing, trading, transportation, and distribution of renewable energy products in Colombia and around the world… Firstly, we’re an environmentally friendly renewable energy company offering a broad portfolio of technologies, products, & solutions to our clients globally! We combine the power of the systems and technologies designed by our team of scientists and engineers. All the while using the most advanced technologies available, so that we can deliver more stable and efficient energy projects. Our global platform is our strength!.
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Solar Electricity systems

Harness the sun and generate your own elecricity supply for consumption and lower your electricity demand from elecrical provider. Save money and the environment!


Solar Heating systems

Systems that use the sun for hot water heating for residential and commercial applications. Our systems have storage tanks and are pressurized so you always have hot water when required.


Solar LED Lamps

Simple all in one LED lamp that charges during the day and iluminates at night. Motion sensor activated and no cabling required. Simple, effective, renewable energy product that is RETILAP certified.

Simply put, we have a nuclear reactor in the

sky available each day - why not use it?.

Solar energy generation is a simple concept, harness the sun’s energy and convert to electricty or heating. The principle is simple, the concept is tested but not all Solar providers are the same. At Iluminacion.co we specialize in Solar based high efficiency products that are easy to maintain but provide excellent quality. Our ethos is simple, renewable energy based on high end technology. Remember that your system will last longer than 20 years, that is important when choosing your equipment!

Did you Know!

Electric cars are coming to Colombia due to large cost savings and tax incentives. Iluminacion.co are pioneering Electric Charging stations for Electric Vehicles (obviously 100% renewable)
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combined with high end technology
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