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15W Solar LED Lamp

Our best selling model because of its simplicity and effectivness. Simple mounting to vertical post with the included hardware. This LED Solar lamp wil charge via its in-built Solar Panel during the day and then Iluminate all night at 30% or 100% intensity based on motion sensor triggered movement. No wires, no RETIE, no maintenace just Iluminacion when you need it. Our LED Solar lamps are RETILAP certified in Colombia (that is very important) This 15W model is designed as an outdoor Residential lighting product. $1300000 COP

40W Solar LED Lamp

The bigger brother to our 15W Solar LED Lamp. This 40W Solar LED Lamp is much larger in size and weight but it will illuminate a larger area at a higher installation height. Offering all the same benefits and design as the 15W Solar LED Lamp, this 40w unit is designed as an outdoor Commercial lighting product. $4250000 COP

7W Solar LED Garden Lamp

Our 7W Solar LED Garden Lamp is designed for small residential ilumination. The lamp will charge during the day using its in-built solar panel and it will illuminate at night at 100% intensity for 4-6 hours. These 7W lamps may be combined to iluminate advertising boards. A simple solution when no motion sensor is required! $625000 COP


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Our selection for online purchases is growing but the available product ranges are vast. We are offering our range of Renewable Energy LED Lamps for online sale. Our other product offerrings are mostly customized to users requirements.

Coming Soon

150W Solar LED


For commercial applications and 12m -20m installation heights we are bring 150W Solar Floodlights to market in the very near future.

Thinking about an

Electric Car?

Charging EV stations for Electric cars are rare in Colombia and we can help! Combine Solar Generation with EV Chargers Gain additional LEED certification points Office based charging stations for employees We can help you! Contact us today
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