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Cool products that will change the future!

See below for product offerings, bear in mind the range of products can be large depending on the system of interest

Solar Panels.

Simple in design , complex in technology. Its all about efficiency here, how much electricity can you produce from the sun? How much space do you need to produce the required generation? Contact us to find out more.

Solar Air Conditioning

Improve the worst energy consumption offender by installing Solar Air conditioners. Save energy and money by not connecting the Air Conditioning system to electrical supply Contact us for more info.

Solar Exterior Lighting.

No more wasting money on elecricity to iluminate external areas. Solar LED lamps provide security and lighting in an aestetic way. Renewable energy exterior lighting with no cables to install Contact Us for a demo.

Solar Re-installation

Solar panel installation typically last 25 years, so if you move home or office headquarters why not take them with you to the new location? We can uninstall and re-install the solar system in the new location for your home or business. Contact us to find out more.

Solar Water Heating

Heat your hot water using only the sun and then store it in pressurized tanks for distribution. Simple and effective our Solar Heating solutions provide hot water when required, not just in the late afternoon like our competitors Contact Us to see the difference!

Solar EV Car Charging

Yes everyone wants an electric vehicle but where do you charge it? We install EV Car charging stations in private and public locations in combination with our Solar Panel installs. Use the sun to power your car and charge it quickly Contact Us today for information
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